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Isang Netizen Ang Sumunod Sa Pusang Ito Na laging Kumukuha Ng Pagkain na Nakaplastic At Ito Ang Kanyang Napagalaman Na Nag Paluha Sa Kaniya

A mother's love is truly immeasurable, and this doesn't apply to humans only. In Korea, a woman has been feeding stray cats for over five years but there is one orange-furred feline that is different from the lot. Whenever she handed this kitty scrumptious meal in plates, it would refuse and turn away. She tried giving it food wrapped in a plastic bag and it accepted it. This became a routine for the woman but one day she got curious and followed the cat. Apparently, the cat has a kitten and brings the to-go food for its young to eat. The feline doesn't even touch and eat the food and gives it all to its kitten. This heartwarming scene truly affected the woman. In turn, she gave the orange-furred cat and its young shelter and supply of cat food.source:youtube




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Ruffa Gutierrez, former second princess Miss World way back in 1993, actually has a gorgeous daughter who can be the next beauty queen! The 13-year-old Lorin Bektas is undeniably tall for her age. She actually even has an aura of a beauty queen but Ruffa revealed in an interview that Lorin should put her studies first. According to her, Lorin doesn’t even show interest in joining beauty pageants and thinks of her future first. Ruffa also added that Lorin is still very young to be a beauty queen.source:youtube


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The “It’s Showtime” hosts are known for poking fun at each other while still remaining very good friends. Recently, Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro were the ones who interviewed the “Tawag ng Tanghalan” contestant while Jhong Hilario stood next to the giant gong. Vice then quipped saying that Vhong injects himself with glutathione before he sleeps. After that, he turned to Jhong and said that he washes his face from time to time but still remains “dirty.” The Unkabogable comedian was then seen being lifted into the air by the ones he continuously poked fun at. The two called themselves “Streetboys” and exchanged chest bumps while the “Gandarrapido” lead said he was in pain.source:youtube